Bath & Body Products

​Juniper & Sage
Crisp and clean like taking a brisk walk through 
the woods.  We have captured a feeling that is exhilarating and uplifting.

You must try this one.  You will think you just

stepped into your grandmother's garden. 

This traditional favorite has a magnificently

light floral scent.  One of our best sellers.

We offer a wide variety of specialty bath and body products, all made with the very best ingredients on the market today. Each of our creations was designed to meet all of your personal care needs. 

As cheerful as a candy cane.  This one has a

playful titillating quality that is sure to brighten

your mood.  It's refreshing and tingling feeling

on the skin is perfect for those hot summer days.

Blended with sea salt to re-hydrate the skin, by stimulating circulation and Seaweed to prevent inflammations.


Pink Grapefruit
This essential oil is extracted from the fruit 
and smells like it's fresh off the tree.  You'll 
swear that you have just picked the real thing, 
not knowing whether to take a bite or juice it.  
A refreshing addition to your morning bath!

Very antiseptic, Rosemary is a stimulating 
and aromatic herb.  Rosemary is high in 
camphor and traditionally used in analgesic 
blends for muscle pain relief.  This distinctive 
smelling essential oil is considered stimulat- 
ing and energizing in nature.  Also used as a 
tonic for oily skin.

This budding beauty will fill the room with a

touch of heaven. It’s sweet, yet flowery, with

a spicy, earthy back note. Commonly used as

a relaxing sedative that enhances the libido.

Chamomile & Jasmine
Nothing compares to this sweet, delicate, 
daisy-like flower that not only soothes all 
your senses, but has a calming effect on
dry, sensitive and irritated skin.  This earthy, handmade blend is made with Chamomile 
and Jasmine flowers.

Favored by most.  This mildly scented, yet

powerful antiseptic has a calming scent along

with it's soothing lather is pure tranquility. 

Lavender is great for both dry and oily skin

and is very soothing.  It's sure to balance and

relax the soul.

Asian Plum
This enchanting blend of exotic Orchids

and Jasmine is sure to delight anyone’s

senses. Bringing out the child in all of us

with its fun notes of sweet vanilla, musk

and deep plum

An impressive breathtaking beauty! 

Hydrangeas are known for their large clusters

of flowers.  Our fragrance smells just like a hydrangea.  You're sure to attract attention

with this beautifully distinctive aroma.​

Rosehips & Jasmine
This floral blend combines the heavenly scent 

of Jasmine with light-hearted Rosehips. Rosehips

have long been used as a bath additive.  While rose

water is very soothing for the eyes and good for

toning mature skin, it is known for it's high

vitamin C content.  Rosehips when addition to

lotions or soaps nurtures and softens the skin.

This beautiful and delicate flower will 
add elegance to any room.  Fragile, 
our orchid has a subtle scent.

Known to several Pacific islands, Plumeria 
is used for making leis. These flowers are 
most fragrant at night.  Close your eyes 

and you are in a beautiful South Sea tropical 


​Rare Earth
This is a blend of two essential oils that add
up to an alluring sensual fragrance. 
Patchouli  gives this product a penetrating
musky fragrance while Cinnamon adds a 
spicy  aroma.  The combination might do 
wonders for your love life.

Rose Garden
One of the oldest of the essential oils, the rose 
is an ancient flower that has been admired for 
centuries for it's exquisite beauty and scent.  
Know for it's soothing effect on the mind and 
body.  Our rose fragrance will make you feel 
as if you're sitting in a rose garden.

English Rose
This rose smells like a lovely English rose 
garden.  It is not as deep as your traditional 
rose scent.  This is a truly light fragranced 
rose with a nice rounded vintage.  It is very 
astringent and cleansing.

This fragrance is a delightful treat.  Like 
walking over a rainbow this aroma smells 
as fresh as a summers day.​


This fragrance is loved by all!  It is elegant and welcoming.  You'll think you're in heaven!

Goats Milk, Shea Butter & Honey

Shea butter is one of the Worlds greatest 

moisturizing, anti-aging, regenerating and protecting natural ingredients! Combined 

with  Goats Milk's nourishing, natural emollient and Honey's antibacterial properties, this blend makes for an extremely creamy and silky  cleanse.

our products 

This essential oil obtained from the leaves 
and twigs of the eucalyptus tree, having a 
very cool and uplifting effect on all the senses.  
It's also great for sore achy muscles.

The Pikake flower is most commonly used in Hawaiian Leis. This timeless flower is from the Jasmine family. It’s sweet, evoking fragrance welcomes relaxation and fun.


​Calla Lily
With it's Easter like scent of heavenly  freesia,

Calla Lily is one of our most distinguished 


Start your day with a walk on the beach.  
Leaves you feeling as crisp and clean as 
an ocean breeze.  A real favorite with he 
and she.

our Fragrances


​​​​For almond lovers, ours is one that you will

love to try. An excellent body and face scrub.

This sweet  almond oil, as well as freshly

ground almonds, is gentle and soothing to

the skin. An effective cleanser for dry and

sensitive skin. It’s a MUST!

Orange Ginger
This special combination of familiar fragrances 
holds the freshness of oranges and the spice 
warming of ginger.  This one will give you a 
refreshing yet cozy sensation

​​Frankincense & Myrrh
A traditional holiday favorite.  Smells rich, 
deep and smoky.  Men and women both love 
this warming blend.

This tropical shrub blooms at night.  The

flower has a deliciously sweet and warm

Jasmine-like aroma.  With this one you are

sure to smell as fresh as the morning dew. 

You may even see a hummingbird or two!

Skin Balm
This soap combines the softening effects of

calendula flowers with the legendary healing

qualities of tea tree oil and the pleasant fragrance

of benzoic powder, which is an antiseptic and

natural preservative.  In a mild basic soap these

additives may prove soothing to skin rashes as

well as many other skin conditions.

Hyacinth & Heather
You've just stepped into a garden of luscious, 
fresh flowers and wild exotic greens.  The 
perfect balance is all too obvious.  You won't 
go wrong with this one.  It's meant to be.

Green Tea & Cucumber

Rich and refreshing.  This popular handmade 

blend is known for it's health benefits.  This

selection contains an antioxidant that does

wonders for the skin.  It's sure to invigorate

as well as cool you down.​​

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossoms are richly symbolic In Japanese c ulter. Their significance goes back hundreds of years, representing the  fragility and the beauty of life. These captivating flowers are romantic and reminescient of Spring bathed in sunlight.

This pleasant citrus aroma is as relaxing as a

glass of lemonade on the back porch.  With an

earthy note lemongrass has long been consid-

ered to have calming properties.  You will find

it refreshing and powerfully uplifting.

Oatmeal, Coconut, Milk & Honey
Our best seller!  Made with fresh ground oats, 
real milk and honey.  It gently exfoliates as it 
hydrates and moisturizes your skin.  This 
sweet and tasty soap is everyone's 

​Vanilla Bean
Strong and rich vanilla beans have an 
intensely sweet woody aroma.  Very 
sophisticated, their fragrance is smooth, 
creamy and extremely relaxing.  Vanilla 
is a traditional favorite and one of our 
most popular fragrances.

Warming and uplifting, jasmine is a toner for 
dry skin.  It's fragrance is uplifting and

heavenly, resembling the scent of an orange blossom.

Bergamot & Mandarin
Our bergamot is derived from the peel of the

fruit and used for it’s medicinal properties 

to help relieve skin ailments. Mixed with the

sweet, uplifting fragrance of Mandarin. This

blend is sure to invigorate your senses with

its fresh citrus tones.


Nag Champa
This exotic scent comes to us from India 
and was traditionally used during meditation.  
It's aroma is earthy with a bit of a sweet note.  
It gives off an air of seductive mystery.


Orange Valencia
Offering an airy, mood-enhancement and a refreshing uplift, Orange Valencia is a sweet

citrus zest that is sure to stimulate your senses.


Our vegetable based glycerin is a natural emollient that dramatically boosts luxurious lather and provides a mild soap that is gentle to the skin.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is an exceptional oil for dry, itchy or sensitive skin. It absorbs readily into the skin without clogging pores.  It is resistant to rancidity and has the ability to make a hard bar of soap with a fluffy lather that is extremely moisturizing. I can’t say more for this oil than that it is a gift form the Gods.

Silky Shea Butter
Nourishing to the skin, shea butter has been used by African healers for thousand of years. Pressed from the pits of the African butter tree fruit, it is effectively used to treat dry and aging skin. It’s high content of non-saponifiables  and unique fatty acid profile gives it the ability to moisturize and retain the elasticity of the skin. Shea butter can also help to protect the skin against the damaging effects of the sun, while repairing cellular degeneration. It is smooth and silky to the skin and is gentle enough for babies and those with the most sensitive skin.

 Aloe Vera
This plant was used by the ancient Greeks as a healing agent, particularly for burns. The gel found within the leaves of this succulent is used in our premium products to sooth and moisturize as it stimulates the growth of new cells and tissues.  

This musky exotic oil has been used for 
centuries as incense.  It's alluring spicy scent 
gives off a woodsy, outdoor fragrance.  
Perfect for the man in your life.

Our Masculine fragrance is just that, 
MASCULINE! With sweet sophistication, this 
scent is a blend of sensual musks, with a 
touch of rosewood. It's sure to be our 
sexiest scent.

Made from freshly ground coffee beans which 
gives it a subtle grit to exfoliate the skin. As invi-
gorating in the bath as that first cup of freshly
brewed coffee in the morning.  This deodorizing, all natural soap is a real odor eater and actually 
removes such odors from your hands as onions, 
garlic, etc... Not sold at Starbucks... Yet!

​​​​​Lily of the Valley
Has a clean elegant aroma.  With this one 
you'll always feel dressed whether it is a
formal evening out or a sneaker and sweat 
shirt day at the park.